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    One-click GHOST is the first version of 'DOS Home' 4 versions (hard disk version / CD version / USB disk version / floppy disk version) simultaneously released to meet the needs of various users, can be used independently, but also with each other. Features include: One-button backup system, One-key recovery system, Chinese guide, GHOST, dos toolbox.


    1, a key backup C drive

    2, a key to restore the C drive

    3, Chinese guide

    4, GHOST, DOS toolbox

    1, GHOST kernel 11.2/11.5 and hard disk interface IDE/SATA arbitrary switch, partition format FAT/NTFS automatic recognition.

    2, hard disk version is especially suitable for no floppy drive / no drive / no USB interface / unattended desktop / notebook / server use.

    3, support WIN7/WIN8 and other new systems, and GRUB4DOS menu DOS/Windows full range of multi-system boot.

    4, support compression / volume and GHOST auxiliary parameter customization, to meet the disc burning and other needs.

    5, fast installation, only 1-2 minutes; uninstall completely, do not leave junk files, safe green and pollution-free.

    6, do not destroy the original structure of the system, do not write any data to the BIOS and reserved sectors of the hard disk, without dividing the hidden partition.

    7, WINDOWS (mouse) / boot menu (direction key) / boot hotkey (K key) a variety of startup programs let you choose.

    8, even if the installation program is accidentally deleted, you can also use the same version of the CD / USB version for recovery.

    9. The image of the one-click backup system is hidden under FAT, and NTFS can effectively prevent accidental deletion or malicious removal of viruses.

    10, GHOST automatically delete the auto virus boot file before running, to avoid the secondary infection of the virus after returning WIN.

    11, friendly interface, full Chinese operation, no English and computer expertise.

    12, intimate tips before the dangerous operation, clearly understand the use of rest assured.

    13, with GHOST browser, can open the GHO image, arbitrary add / delete / extract the files.

    14, image import / export / mobile and other functions to facilitate GHO image communication and multiple backups.

    15. The password setting function allows multiple people to share a computer without being intruded by illegal users.

    16, a variety of boot modes, compatible with various types of computers, so that special models can also start the software normally.

    17. The diagnostic report function can automatically collect system information and provide clues for the author's future improvement of the software.

    18, help documents, illustrated, easy to learn, online forums, online Q \u0026 A.


    Add 3 GRUB4DOS Start Custom ISO Menu Options

    Update DiskGenius to version 4.7.2

    Added disk error repair function on C drive in 'Repair' tool

    Add a help document FAQ FAQ

    Fix GHOST32 shortcut pointing to wrong bug

    Personal file transfer tool updated to version 1.6,

    Allow the 'Do not transfer files' option to be performed when the target disk is 'insufficient space'

    Fix 'Bad Space' Bug When 'Use Windows Defaults'

    Solve problems with incomplete text display at higher resolutions


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